Lease vs. Own

In your quest for the ideal Florida mobile home park, your long-term satisfaction, happiness and security will be greatly dependent upon those matters that perhaps YOU DID NOT KNOW or information YOU WERE NOT GIVEN during your search.

Therefore, the following questions and answers should be given careful consideration:

What is the track record and experience of the owners/developers of the community?
For over 30 years, CRF Communities has been Florida’s premier developer of affordable, award-winning Florida

mobile home parks bringing life to thousands of dreams just like yours. CRF Communities has also been recognized nationally among the Top 50 Outstanding Master Planned Residential Developments for active adults.

Does the developer/manager of the community you are considering have significant financial strength?
CRF Communities has lending relationships with the largest financial institutions in Florida.  These favorable banking relationships are also available for CRF Communities? residents to

Enjoy the beach
Enjoy the beach

take advantage of to ensure favorable mortgage financing for home purchases.

Are there advantages to leasing over buying my lot?
Leasing your lot allows you to own your home for privacy and independence while keeping the funds normally spent on a lot available for discretionary or emergency purposes.  In addition, you have the assurance that the community standards and social and recreational amenities will be carefully maintained.  This is why 9 out of 10 purchasers of manufactured homes in mobile home parks in Florida live in a land lease community. Learn more about leasing versus owning.

What are the assurances that you will not sell our leased land to someone else?
CRF Communities has structured its operations on the basis of continuing ownership and management.  Our history reflects this commitment to long-term investment.

What does the monthly lease fee include?
The monthly lease fee covers leasing the home site, free use of recreational facilities, and maintenance of all common areas including roads.

How is my base lot lease increase determined?
CRF Communities guarantees, by a predetermined formula detailed in your prospectus and filed with the State of Florida Department of Business Regulation, that your base lot lease will never increase more than the greater of $7 or the CPI, along with any governmental assessments that are beyond the owner’s control.  Be careful however, because many communities use a “percentage” amount that is far greater than either of these measures.  By law, residents receive a letter each year informing them what the increase will be for that year. All of CRF Communities mobile home parks in Florida offer the same guarantee.

Can our grandchildren stay and visit with us?
Yes.  We have no restrictions on guests other than they are required to abide by the same rules as our residents and they cannot stay longer than 30 days per year.  Many grandparents say, “We love to see our grandchildren come, and we love to see them go.” – a benefit of our “55+” mobile home park.

Are your rules enforced?
Yes.  Many residents move to our communities because of our community standards and the stability the rules create within the community environment.  These standards were written based on input from past and present residents, as well as our experience managing Florida manufactured home communities for over 30 years.

Are pets allowed?
Yes.  Up to two small to mid-size house pets are allowed because we recognize that quite often an animal companion is a loyal and needed friend.

How do we sell our home if we need or want to?
You may sell your home independently, through an agent, or by listing it with us.  Most residents prefer that we handle the sale and associated paperwork because this is our area of expertise.

We will be part-time residents.  Can our friends and family use our home while we are away?
Yes.  However, they must abide by the same rules as our residents.

Financial security and integrity, continuity of management and ownership, experience in providing affordable energy-efficient housing, along with the professional management of the community are all CRF COMMUNITIES TRADEMARKS THAT HAVE MADE CRF COMMUNITIES ONE OF THE LARGEST PROVIDERS OF AFFORDABLE, AWARD-WINNING ACTIVE RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES IN FLORIDA!