At Walden Woods South, we want you to have options and to save money.  So we work with a variety of financing institutions in order to provide you the most bang for your buck.  Each bank does things a little WebVersion_HighRes_CareerMember_AccordionImagedifferently, so we want you to chose the one that is most comfortable for you.


The banks we work with can provide financing for as little as 5% down and will amortize up to 30 years.  Of course, all if this will depend on your borrowing profile.  If we can be of any help in obtaining financing or answer questions, feel free to contact us.



Our preferred lender is Bass Funding

Bass Funding
Bass Funding

They consistently provide happy homeowners and deliver them hassle free closings.



Other banks that we have worked with:



21st Mortgage

Triad Financial

Centerstate Bank

Wells Fargo