Affordability meets quality.  Our homes are constructed with energy efficiency, savings, and providing you with an affordable lifestyle.  Below are just a few of the over 200 different floor plans that we can deliver to meet your needs.

Typically, you will find that prices for new 2-bedroom, 2-bath homes start from the $40’s.
Prices for new 3-bedroom, 2-bath homes from the $80’s.  Click on any of the models below to see a floor plan of some of our most popular homes.

The Amber- 1060 sq.ftamber-001
Amber Model
The Maria 1219 sq ft.


Maria Model
The Sam – 1125
Sam Model
The Tropic Isle 1312 sq ft.Tropic-Isles-Elev
Tropic Isle
Tropic Isle
The Lindsay 1484 sq
Lindsay Model
The Ashley 1484 sq ft.


Ashley Model
The Islander 1484 sq ft.


Islander Model
The Erica 1749 sq ft.erica-ii-001
Erica Model
The Erica II 1749 sq ft.


Erica Model
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulates the construction of all our homes. In 1994, HUD updated the standards to provide for greater protection for mobile/manufactured homes from wind damage. During the severe hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005, no mobile/manufactured home that was built according to these new standards sustained any significant structural damage from the storms! More information can be found here.

Manufactured Home Construction
Manufactured Home Construction
1. Wall Studs – Exterior wall studs are 16 inches on center of 2×4’s utilizing high grade lumber.
2. Roof Trusses – Double roof trusses – three feet from each roof end. Upgrades in spacing for Zone III construction.
3. Floor Joists – Sturdy 2 x 6 inch floor joists are crafted into every home for additional load requirements.
4. Exterior Wall Sheathing – Structural wall sheathing is 3/8 inch thick rated ‘sheathing’ or equivalent, increasing both strength and acoustical properties.
5. Window Headers – Headers above windows and passage doors insure solid construction.
6. Multiple Studs – Multiple studs at windows and doors accommodate the attachment of storm covers.
7. Sliding Door Headers – Headers above sliding glass doors add to the structural strength of your home, as does this multiple header and stud treatment.
8. Roof Sheathing – 7/16 inch thick rated sheathing fastened every 4 or 6 inches on center, depending on where it is located on the roof.
9. Shingle Underlayment – Lap joints and the entire perimeter of the roof are cemented.
10. Fiberglass Shingles – Three-tab fiberglass roof shingles are used for long-lasting beauty – and include a 20 year shingle manufacturer limited warranty.
11. Attic Insulation – Blown Insulation throughout the entire attic makes cooling and heating less expensive.
12. Wall Insulation – Keep fuel bills low with money-saving wall insulation on every side.
13. Column Uplift Straps – The center of the home has been strengthened 50% – 100% against uplift forces by adding more piers and anchoring devices.
14. Lag Bolts for Strength – Flooring to frame strength is secured with more lag bolts, and the number of anchor straps have significantly increased.